“Mo Pees,” Let there be “light,” and other language notes

Colorful image of an abstract stained glass mosaic

Parenthood is a complex status in life…

This is not my first blog. I tried to start one when Jimmy was young but either I had no energy chasing after a little boy or I couldn’t understand some of the many things that were happening to him and around him. These are not things that are necessarily related to any sort of difference or disability but rather the unexpected things that can happen to first-time parents.

Written early 2005:

“Mo pees” – this was the phrase from my son’s mouth when he wanted more milk. We’re struggling to get him to talk, and, at the same time, teach the simple things like, “When you want something, you say ‘please.'” And despite a lot of effort I don’t get any words at all, just a typical toddler “eh, eh” along with virulant body movement–refusal to vocalize much at all, but the other day I was surprised.


Jimmy was eating dinner and his milk glass was empty. I had been asking him, “Do you want more?” Jimmy can say and sign “more” but these days I kept getting the “eh, eh” routine. But this time he distinctly said “Mo pees”–MORE PLEASE! YES! And he did it without my prompting! The small things like this really matter!

holding his other hand in front of his mouth

Jimmy about two years old holding a cup in one hand and holding his other hand in front of his mouth

Written Fall 2004:

“Light”–one of the few words my son is now speaking with any sort of clarity. Of course along with this comes his fascination with lights, especially turning light switches on and off, even if it means tumbling off places where he shouldn’t be. Sigh. How do they survive past this age! Whew!


He also says “baby” with some clarity, but I worry. For example, this morning as I dropped him off at day care, I couldn’t coax one word out of him to say that he’s hungry. Instead he cries, grabs cups off the countertop, fusses, etc. Does everything but utter a sound, a squeak so he would say he’s hungry. I ask him, “Jimmy, do you want to eat?” While I’m doing this, I make the sign for eat (I’ve taught him a couple signs–“more” and “eat” are the only ones he’s ever learned, although I tried to teach him “milk” and “banana”). Well, now a days he doesn’t even give me the sign for eat, he just whines and cries. I guess I’ll keep trying, but I worry.

[On reflection I now remember the glee he would exude when he would communicate to me “MORE” via sign language when he wanted more food, especially yogurt… I would never say this kid did NOT have an appetite!]

More from 2004:

We do play a little game to get him to say “milk.” I say “MMMMMMMilk!” And he gets the “MMMMMMM” part and then says “ucky uck,” so he’s clearly trying to pronounce it. And more and more words are coming out and they’re more and more clear. Heck sometimes he says things with such clarity, I say to my husband, “Did you hear that?!?”


He can laugh like the Count on Sesame Street and he’s said “Uh-oh” like the Teletubbies at least once. And he mimics and can point to his nose and ears (I ask him where his eyes are and he points to his ears…eh, he’s learning!).


Well, at least I can hear him say light…so let there be “light” and lots of it!


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